Sienna miller dating jude law

Sienna Miller still cares for Jude Law years after their split.The 34-year-old British-American actress revealed as much while discussing her personal life in the new issue of Porter magazine. "I like intelligence," the star said of her ex-partners. People who aren't clever enough fall by the wayside.The pair split in 2011 and she moved on with Tom Sturridge, who is the father of her daughter Marlowe.

I watched that Amy Winehouse documentary and, not to compare myself, but there was footage that… It’s focused on Freudian analysis, which is basically how behavior patterns are all learned, how you can trace them all back to either parents or surrogates, then you kind of let go and examine who you would have been if you hadn’t taken on all these negative traits.

And no heroin addiction, thank God.” Miller has been able to move on with life after the scandal, but is her secret… She revealed her intensive course of therapy, “It was f**king amazing. I didn’t understand why I was, I couldn’t dig myself out, I couldn’t make decisions, I felt pretty assaulted by life and not in control…

Without being really indulgent, I think as you get older you have to really cultivate your mind and have a deep understanding of self, otherwise you just become lonely and isolated and unsatisfied and unfulfilled, and however your perfect little life looks on paper, there will be a sense of unfulfillment if you haven’t explored the nature, the very depths of who you are.” For more on Sienna, grab a copy of Porter magazine’s latest issue, on newsstands June 3.

She and Law were an on-again, off-again couple for several years. They're a motley crew my ex-boyfriends, if you lined them up, it would be strange." Miller previously told Vogue her daughter filled a piece in her life that was "missing." The actress revealed she "would love more children" in the Porter interview, saying she's "suddenly feeling very broody for more babies." Law, meanwhile, has since dated singer Catherine Harding.

The actor is dad to five children: daughter Iris and sons Rafferty and Rudy with ex-wife Sadie Frost, daughter Sophia with Samantha Burke and a daughter with Harding.

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